Virtual Reality in office spaces

Apr 30, 2022

We quite often relate Virtual Reality to gaming and entertainment, but do you know that Virtual Reality plays an important role in interior design as well. Virtual Reality is a computer-generated reality. The term “Virtual Reality” means “near-reality”. It makes the person feel immersed in the surroundings. It is the ability to allow the person to view the space in a three-dimensional image. The images appear to be life-sized to the person. Just imagine visualizing your office even before it is ready. How crazy this could be! This entire environment is perceived through a device known as the “Virtual Reality headset” or helmet. By donning a headset, the client can walk through the entire space. It gives them a new experience. It also allows them to appreciate aspects that are not visible from the mere descriptions or other visual designs. Clients get committed to the designs and are convinced by them too. Virtual Reality in interior design is more about designers conveying their ideas to clients.

Benefits of Virtual Reality

Clear Presentation

Presenting ideas to the client can become time consuming and tedious because of the lengthy communications and explanations. Having a tool that can bring the ideas into Virtual Reality can really ease the process. Virtual Reality is not only exciting but also helps the designers to better communicate the ideas and present them before the client. Clients can immerse themselves in the experience of Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality presentations help in understanding the designs and ideas efficiently.

Better visualization

Complexities appear when the client is unable to visualize the designer’s ideas. With mere explanations and paper designs, it becomes difficult for the client to visualize the end product. This is when Virtual Reality comes into the picture. With Virtual Reality, the client can see the end result of the concept even before it is actually ready. With Virtual Reality, the client can look into the minute detail of the space at an early stage and can suggest if need any specific design. Virtual Reality gives the client an experience of moving around in the future designed space. He/she can actually move around in the space, turn on/off the lights, open/close the doors, change the colours of the walls, etc. which helps in better visualization and fewer explanations.

Saves time

Time is extremely important for designers. Making multiple designs on papers or presentations and then explaining them to the client is very time-consuming. With Virtual Reality, the designers are able to focus on the creative work. By putting everything on VR, the client also gets a better understanding of the designs. This saves a lot of your and the client’s time.

Fast decision making

Decision making is faster with the help of Virtual Reality. Clients are able to understand the designs well and they will also be able to make quick changes if needed. You can customize your Virtual Reality with informational tools e.g including the prices of items in your designs. Virtual Reality is entirely immersive, it provides deep insights into how the layout will look, how the natural light affects the interior, etc. By helping your clients walk through your design in 3D/360° in a way that is virtually immersive, they are better able to make a more informed and faster decision. All in all Virtual Reality is changing the world of interior design. The potential technology of Virtual Reality is endless. It's quick, immersive, affordable, elegant, and most importantly it tells the story. At Trimit Rachana our aim is to seamlessly connect the wants of the clients and our innovation together to build the dream space. With Virtual Reality, this experience is both realistic and enjoyable.

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