About Trimit Rachana

We always been passionate about geometry and the study of Three-Dimensional forms.

Our Company

"TRIMIT RACHANA" when translated, means 3-dimensional Composition. So, every project at TRIMIT RACHANA commences with the team translating the client's brief into an imaginative blueprint that finally comes to life as a concrete, 3-dimensional reality. Because, it's not just about ideas; it's about making ideas happen.

A close look at the ‘rachana’ of the logo will help you decipher the underlying message and values that the brand encompasses. The logo has been designed using basic geometric shapes that form the very foundation of architectural design. While the stout, black 'T' depicts solidity and strength, the fresh-green of the 'R' portrays youthful energy and zest. While the triangle at the bottom show support, the curve above it stands for balance, flexibility and fluidity of ideas.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

The team at TRIMIT RACHANA understands the basic human need to create a positive, vibrant and happy environment, while utilising the available space to its optimal potential, at the same time. They reinvent their designs to cater to this very need. Every project is designed to enhance and capture the positive energies of the environment, with respect to form, function and mindset.

Our Mission

With its expertise and experience in design services for commercial and retail sector, the TRIMIT RACHANA think tank is on a mission to deliver innovative architecture and eyepleasing designs that accomplish spatial quality in design exploration, thereby imparting a sense of well-being to its clients.

Every project is taken seriously and completed with utmost sincerity, transparency and an undying passion to deliver nothing, but the best.

Our Team

When a sketch comes into this THREE-DIMENSIONAL form and everybody contributes, it’s really fantastic.

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