Use of Virtual Reality(VR) in office interior designing

Aug 19, 2018

Imagine a sales process where prospective clients enter and walk through a office interior so that they might experience and decide upon tile, hardware, floor coverings, and appliances before office is constructed. The furniture fits perfectly, the colors beautifully complement each other, and the views through the windows are as unbelievable as you hoped they would be. That world is now a reality – a virtual reality (VR). VR is about to change interior design forever. So much of the interior design process is trying to explain your vision and, by extension, yourself. Interior design in virtual reality lets designer and client bring design dreams to life, confident in their design and purchasing decisions, something 3D imaging cannot offer. And while traditional interior design methods tend to lack depth and realism, shared VR allows the designer and client to gather inspiration and work together even if they’re on opposite sides of the world.

Complete Understanding

It’s important for clients to fully understand the project. Renderings and videos can only go so far in conveying architectural visions and special relations. Get their complete feedback using a VR experience, not the moment they walk into the finished building.

Faster Reviews, Faster Decisions

With VR technology, you have the ability to internally review new designs with near perfect fidelity. Quickly make and review design changes with your team and the customer. Connect remote teams and allow them to speak the common language of visualization. With efficient communication, it’s faster to make final decisions, and quicker decisions means hitting deadlines. That translates to the bottom line on any project.

Check out the Live Tour prepared by us for Xerox India on the following link.

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