Using plastic waste in Road Construction

Apr 24, 2017

Innovative, Scientific, Environment Friendly, & Patented Technological Solution for handling the plastic waste present in garbage by reusing it for Road Construction.

What is Plastic?
Plastic material is synthetic or semi-synthetic organic solids that are moldable. They are usually synthetic, most commonly derived from petrochemicals, but many are partially natural.

Plastic waste generation an present scenario in India:
It is estimated that, India generates 1.88 lakh tons of garbage every day of which 8% is plastic waste. 60% of this plastic waste is recycled/reused in unorganized manner. However, rest 40% is being land filled/dumped/burnt.

We have identified one an exclusive patented technology company of reusing the plastic waste as an additive in construction of roads. The technology has been Patented and Certified by the Centre for Transportation Engineering ("CTE"), and the Central Road Research Institute ("CRRI"). Further, they are undertaking rigorous research on reuse of plastic waste for manufacturing road construction materials. During the research the company realized that plastic could be used along with bitumen to make roads.

Process Adopted:
They have devised an end to end process for collecting all kinds of plastic waste from the garbage, its sorting, cleaning and shredding to manufacture flakes. using exclusively patented in-house manufactured machineries for this purpose. This blend is mixed in the ratio of 8: 100 to the total weight of bitumen in hot mix plant. In hot mix plant, they pump the material using specially designed machineries where the blend is sprayed on aggregate at 160 degree Celsius. The plastic gets coated to aggregate and then over coated with bitumen thereby enhancing the bonding strength of aggregate and bitumen. The mix needs to be laid minimum of 100 degree Celsius while asphalting roads for better results.

The use of this technology has enhanced the roads' durability, efficiency and performance by 2 folds to that of plastic free roads at a merger additional cost.


Who can be Benefitted:
We believe in working with the involvement of community and various stakeholders like institutions, government organization, Builders, Residential society , Rotary clubs, Lions Club, resident welfare association, social welfare organizations, NGO, CSR activity etc.

Plastic presence in garbage, its affect and how one can contribute to save our environment

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