Save water, Save earth

Oct 12, 2016

Water free Urinal saves anything between 50,000 liters to 1,50,000 of fresh water per urinal pan per annum.

This device is fitted in the drain plug of urinal pan. The intelligently designed mechanism of Zerodor only allows the liquids to pass into the drain pipe and blocks the odour causing gases (coming from the drain pipe) to enter the restroom. This helps in saving millions of liters of fresh water which normally gets wasted in flushing the urine and controlling the odour

No of people500
No of urinals10
Visit per urinals per day50
Water consumed per flush1.5 liters
Water used per day750 liters
No of working days per month26
Water wasted per month19500 liters
No of working days per year326
Wasted water per year2,44,500 liters

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