Art is not what you see, but what you make others to see

"TRIMIT RACHANA" when translated, means 3-dimensional Composition. So, every project at TRIMIT RACHANA commences with the team translating the client's brief into an imaginative blueprint that finally comes to life as a concrete, 3-dimensional reality. Because, it's not just about ideas; it's about making ideas happen.

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Proudly Associated with The First Ferry

Proudy Associated & Authorised to Represent in India The First Ferry an Award Winning International Premium Architecture Interior Design Firm based in Dubai serving globally for all their Platforms -

Luxury Interior Designs, Architecture & Exquisite Furniture Designs...

Philosophy of The First Ferry is to create designs that converse with the soul.

Xerox inaugurates 1st Innovation Centre in Mumbai

Xerox - a global corporation company inaugarated their 1st innovation centre in Mumbai.

Complete interior design and execution undertaken by Trimit Rachana.

Birdgestone renovates their office in Mumbai

Bridgestone - a multinational auto and truck parts manufacturer renovates their office in Mumbai.

Complete interior design and execution undertaken by Trimit Rachana.

Our Services

We are on a mission to deliver innovative architecture and
eye pleasing designs that accomplish spatial quality.

  • Project management

  • Structural Engineering

    Civil Engineering / Plumbing

  • HVAC System

    Computer Networking (Data & Voice)

  • Smoke Detection / Fire Fighting System

    Access Control System

  • Video Conferencing System

    Public Address / Music System

  • DG Set / UPS

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Soon, we shall all live in "HARMONY" with Mother Nature.

Logo of Harmony - Idea of safe living environment

Trimit Rachana presents HARMONY - aimed at spreading awareness about the need and ways to bring about harmony between Mankind and The Five Natural Elements (Paanch Tatva) Earth, Sky, Water, Air and Fire. Harmony seeks to spark a positive change in our mindsets, attitudes and practices to help pave the way for a better, brighter and safer planet.

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Watch our latest issue featured an exclusive interview with
Mr. Satyajit Bhatkal, The Paani Foundation CEO(Director of Satyamev Jayte)


The Power of Creative Collaboration Areas: Igniting Innovation in the Modern Office
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Crafting Efficiency: The Art of Workstation Planning in Office Interior Design
Dec 30, 2023

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How should we decorate our office space?
Oct 02, 2022

We all love to decorate our homes. We love coming back after a long tiring day of hard work to our cosy place, “home” as we all call it. Remember? This cosy place was once our workplace too! And we decorated it to the fullest to get in the work v...Read more


I try to give people a different way of
looking at their surroundings. That's art to me.

Pradnya Ponkshe - Concept Designer and Innovator

Pradnya Ponkshe
Concept Designer and Innovator

Pradnya is an artist at heart, having graduated from Raheja School of Art, Mumbai, with a degree in Bachelors of Fine Art (specialization in Design) with distinction.

Thereafter, she further pursued her passion for art, by completing her Masters from Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai.

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Mike Glover

Advisor of Trimit Rachana

A widely experienced Director, having held executive and senior roles in mature, transitional and high growth market contexts in family and extensively in MNC Organisations. Read Full Profile

Client Says

We take pride in working closely with our customers to guide them.

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